Darkfang is a dark gray, almost black tabby tom with broad shoulders, amber eyes, and scars all over his flank.

Name Darkfang

Kittypet: Night

Kit: Darkkit

Apprentice: Darkpaw

Warrior: Darkfang

Rogue: Darkfang


Mother: Lola

Father: Bandit

Sister: Bird

Brother: Stonestar

Neices: Sweetflower , Blacktail , Frogleap

Clan ThunderClan, DarkClan
Quote I was a kittypet, I know. If I hunt, train, battle and so on, I think i could take an apprentice. - Darkfang to Blacktail about taking Tallpaw as an apprentice

Mentor: Volewhisker

Apprentices: Tallfoot , Leopardspots

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