Frogleap is a light, pale gray she-cat with dazzling green eyes and strong legs.

Name Frogleap

Kit: Frogkit

Apprentice: Frogpaw

Warrior: Frogleap


Mother: Robintail

Father: Stonestar

Grandfather: Redbelly

Grandmother: Brownfeather

Grandfather: Bandit

Grandmother: Lola

Sisters: Sweetflower, Blacktail

Neices: Marigoldheart, Shimmerlight, Moonfall

Nephews: Puddlepool, Seedstripe, Rockfur, Swanfeather

Aunts: Creamfur, Bird

Uncles: Darkfang, Bramblefang

Cousins: Amberheart, Duskfall

Clan ThunderClan

Mentor: Frosttail

Apprentices: Elmbranch, Swanfeather

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